Factory Markings, Airfield Markings and Runway Maintenance

Factory & Airfield Markings


Factories and warehouses need to be efficient functional units and therefore the planning and layout to enable effective operations and efficient safe movement requires carefully planned factory markings and traffic and pedestrian safety markings. Our experienced team will undertake site visits to evaluate both internal and external site environments and, where required, provide professional advice based on decades of practical experience and the changing considerations of the Health and Safety Executive.

Coupe Line Southern will help you be more efficient and safe within your working environment by providing a durable and effective marking system at a time convenient to your production needs. Our internal and external services include car park line markings and graphics, line markings to identify traffic routes, forklift routes, pedestrian walkways, anti-slip walkways and health and safety walkways, plus pallet racking markings, numbered pallet bay markings, loading bays markings, speed restrictions markings and warehouse line markings. We can also apply colour coatings to designated areas.


Coupe Line Southern has the benefit of having many years of experience in providing airfield markings for such as the Civil Aviation Authority, airport authorities, civilian and private airfields, the Ministry of Defence and RAF airfields. 

Our specialist airfield marking skills and services, plus airfield and airport maintenance for commercial, military and private airfields, include such as; runway line marking, general airport and airfield line markings, taxiways, piano key airfield markings, helicopter pads, pedestrian safety walkways, car parking areas, traffic movement areas, terminal building surrounds, numbers, messaging, graphics and restoration of damaged surfaces.

The removal of existing lining is now undertaken using safe, environmentally-friendly, rapid, water-based equipment provided by our sister company H2-GO. ensuring the safety status of potentially volatile areas. Our renowned high pressure water blasting process is also used for the removal of rubber from runways to significantly enhance landing and take-off safety. By such runway rubber removal as part of scheduled airfield and airport maintenance contracts, we can increase the tyre-runway friction and enhance flight safety.

These are critical and dangerous environments to work in and our highly qualified and experienced dedicated team schedule production to be undertaken to meet the functional needs of the airports, thus reducing disruption and keeping any down-time to an absolute minimum. Our specialist teams are totally flexible and can schedule such work in at any time of the day, 24/7/365, to meet the airport's requirements. We possess decades of experience in working to tight deadlines and time pressures and can undertake our airfield marking, airport maintenance and rubber removal procedures efficiently, quickly and safely.

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