High Friction Surfacing Services and Materials from Coupe Line Southern

High Friction Surfacing

For high friction surfacing services and materials you can choose Coupe Line Southern with complete confidence. Using a range of high-specification, high-performance, high-friction surfacing materials with excellent adhesion, colour retention and skid resistance that are manufactured to nationally recognised accreditation schemes by our sister company, Shildon Thermoplastics, we can provide the ultimate in adhesion capacities to a range of surfaces in different environments for a wide range of purposes.

The primary function of road markings and high friction surfacing is to keep road users safe from harm and to keep the traffic flowing efficiently, with the added advantages of offering a simple and extremely cost-effective way of performing a multitude of essential safety and traffic management tasks for road users. 

Examples of some of the uses of our high friction surfacing services and road markings include; 

  • generally improving road safety
  • enhancing traffic safety in heavy breaking areas to reduce accidents  
  • providing an ideal method of directing and segregating traffic
  • providing visual guide directions for traffic
  • acting as informative and instructional tools for helping traffic segregation
  • providing a visual and audible warning to drivers
  • enhancing the reflectivity and brightness of lines and surfacing for dark and poor weather conditions for higher and safer visibility
  • providing specific visual guides for speed regulation


Coupe Line Southern can provide its high friction surfacing and road markings to an enormous range of locations and environments. These include such as airports, bridges, bus routes, bus stations, car parks, crossing approaches, cycle tracks, cycleways, deck car parks, decorative features, drives, factory premises, industrial premises, ferry terminals, footbridges, footpaths, highways, leisure areas, motorways, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian zones, platforms, railways, ramps, roundabouts, roundabout lane entrances, roundabout lane exits, service ramps, steps, traffic calming safety schemes, traffic lights and walkways.

Some of the major benefits of our application of thermoplastic road marking materials and hot applied high friction surfacing materials include skid resistance, slip resistance, audible warnings, high durability, a variety of colours, a visual safety warning, wear resistance, year round installation, the minimum disruption to road users and the ability to be applied to new tarmac surfaces.

Our highly trained crews ensure high quality application, highest safety levels, a flexibility to required work periods and meeting client deadlines.

For a free quotation, competitive pricing, a proven track record of deadline completion and guaranteed work, please email us details of your enquiry or call us today on 02392 429908.