Line Removal Services - Hydroblasting, Scabbling and Thermal Lance

Line Removal

There are a number of different reasons that necessitate the need for line removal. These include;

1.  Preparatory work in advance of new relining projects.

2.  Removing old and obsolete previous line markings after a road construction project ready for new and alternative road system layout.

3.  Restoring an unmarked surface to enable the relining of additional traffic lanes.

Coupe Line Southern has immense experience in undertaking their line removal services to a wide variety of clients, industrial sectors and environments that feature public highways, motorways, private roads, bus lanes, cycle lanes, airport runways, airport taxiways, car parks, supermarkets, sports facilities, and the exterior and interior markings of warehouses and factories.

Our highly skilled and highly trained operatives specialise in three different line removal processes and place health and safety considerations as a priority. Obviously, in different environments, different line removal solutions may be more applicable. These are;


This is our preferred process as it is environmentally friendly, delivers a rapid completion of projects, removes all signs of the original markings, doesn't damage the highway surface and is extremely cost effective. Using only water our self-contained units removes all types of UK road markings from concrete and asphalt, even surface dressed roads, safely and quietly, with no debris. Coupe Line Southern undertakes this hydroblasting process using world-class equipment provided by our sister company H2-GO. H2-GO has developed a patent high pressure water system that not only speeds up the removal process, but which also does so in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Please visit for full details of this revolutionary process.


This is a mechanical process of cutting/grinding/planing. A disadvantage of this process is that it can result in only a partial removal of markings, unless taken to a greater depth when damage can be caused to the wearing course of the surface, thus necessitating additional remedial work and costs. In addition, thermoplastic material can remain within the surface voids along with a ghost image of the original marking.

Thermal Lance

This is a process of burning off the line markings at extremely high temperatures. There are a number of disadvantages that include damage to the surface, it is a slow process and there is noise and fume pollution.

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