Overbanding and Joint Sealing Services to Enhance Road Safety Standards


Overbanding and joint sealing services, as provided by Coupe Line Southern, are successful and cost-effective remedial options when there has been damage or degradation of road and highway surfaces.

There are a number of causes of such highway deterioration including normal wear and tear under increasing volumes of traffic flow, damage caused in road traffic accidents, adverse weather conditions, extreme heat causing melting, water action, freeze-thaw action and possible poor initial workmanship.  

However the varied effects of water infiltrating the highway surface can also be particularly damaging. Not only can it contribute to the deterioration of the bitumen binding with the aggregate thus reducing highway construction strength, but during winter when the water in joints and cracks freezes, the expansion during ice formation can break down the highway construction as well as causing spalling in the cracks and joints. In addition, when heavy traffic flow compresses the water and ice in the cracks and joints, the resulting hydraulic pressure can extend damage into wider areas of the highway. The worst case scenario is when extended water access and water flow progressively removes the lower layers of the highway thus necessitating expensive road reconstruction.

The negative effects of such highway degradation is to increase the risk of road traffic accidents, casualties and fatalities. It is the responsibility of local authorities to ensure the safety of road users and there are additional advantages to them of undertaking remedial work sooner rather than later as it can reduce the overall repair costs. 

There are several different processes for repairing cracks and joints dependant on the extent of the damage;

1.  Overbanding – the sealing and infilling the smallest cracks using a fluid product that penetrates the crack or joint.
2.  Fill and Overband – the infilling and sealing of wider cracks and open joints by infilling the open crack or joint and then applying a surface sealing.
3.  Inlaid Single Crack – the routing or planing of the crack area and then infilling the recessed crevice. 
4.  Inlaid Multiple Cracks – the routing or planing of the multiple crack area and then infilling the recessed crevice. 

Coupe Line Southern's professionally-completed overbanding and joint sealing services undertaken by our highly qualified and experienced team make a major contribution to road safety. We have the capability to rapidly respond to requests for the emergency repair of road surfaces following an incident, and can effectively and quickly undertake work on longer stretches of highway on a contract basis. Our exceptional overbanding and joint sealing services provide repair and preventative treatment for single or multiple narrow cracks and joints in asphalt and concrete by the use of a type 1 hot application bituminous screed and the application of an anti-skid sealant. The results produced include a superior skid resistance value, a highly durable solution with high resistance to wear, the extension of highway life and a non-reflective finish. 

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