Road Retexturing plus Retexturing Motorways and Airport Runways

Road Re-Texturing

Road retexturing and retexturing motorways is an extremely important procedure to enhance road safety by restoring the surface skid resistance value (SRV) to meet government intervention levels for different categories of roads. In addition the same safety enhancements can be achieved by retexturing airport runways at commercial, private and military airports. 

Throughout the United Kingdom the majority of the UK road network is largely surfaced with hot rolled asphalt (HRA) and stone mastic asphalt (SMA). These surfaces degrade progressively through time dependent on a number of factors, specifically the seasonal weather conditions throughout each year and the volume of traffic, plus the weight of vehicles. During periods of high summer temperatures, the bitumen can melt and rise to the surface, whilst winter freezing and thawing can create further damage. This reduces surface friction, reduces skid resistance and decreases road safety. The volume of traffic then gradually polishes the surface and along with the build-up of surface debris reduces grip.  

Coupe Line Southern is an established, experienced, professional company providing cost-effective and rapid retexturing of road surfaces services and enabling local authorities to meet government legislation skid resistance value standards for different road types to enable them to meet their obligations and reduce road accidents and casualties.  

Traditional methods of road retexturing repair involved more expensive and more disruptive surface planing or the application of new surface dressings. However our hydroblasting services undertaken in conjunction with our sister company, H2-GO, utilise our industry-leading high pressure water blasting techniques to provide a controlled retexturing of road surfaces by removing the surface layers quickly and at extremely competitive and cost-effective pricing. Our hydroblasting process can restore the surface microtexture to improve the skid resistance and restore the surface macrotexture to improve drainage and reduce the danger of aquaplaning.

The professional Coupe Line Southern team of operatives are extremely highly trained on our industry-leading machinery to ensure the highest quality standards and the highest of safety standards in road retexturing. Our renowned H2-GO hydroblasting services provide an environmentally-friendly option that is rapid, easily managed, low cost, increases highway lifespan, provides large cost-savings for local authorities and taxpayers, and minimises disruption to motorists. The Coupe Line Southern process of retexturing road surfaces is a total project management package commencing with a site survey, scheduling of an agreed production plan, developing a health and safety strategy and the professional, efficient delivery of the project to meet the time requirements of our clients.

For a free quotation, competitive pricing, a proven track record of deadline completion and guaranteed work, please email us details of your road retexturing enquiry or call us today on 02392 429908.