Road Stud Installation Services & Cats Eyes Installation - Coupe Line Southern

Road Studs

The road stud installation and cats eye installation services from Coupe Line Southern can provide and install a wide range of road studs and cats eyes in a variety of colours to satisfy the requirements of the UK road legislation. Our many years of experience in the removal and replacement of road studs throughout the UK allows our exceptional and highly qualified team to speedily and safely carry out the work involved with minimum inconvenience to both contractors and road users, keeping congestion and traffic build-up to a minimum.

Examples of the range of road studs and cats eyes we use include;

  • traditional cast steel-based cats eye studs with reflective rubber mounted inserts
  • solar powered road studs
  • solar powered red road studs
  • maintenance-free domed glass style cat’s eye studs
  • stainless steel or aluminium studs
  • reflective stick on road studs
  • reflecting road studs
  • stainless steel crossing studs
  • studs used for rumble effect

Permanent and temporary road studs and cats eyes installation are critical to road safety at nighttime, in foggy conditions and during periods of bad weather, as well as during the day. They also have particular safety benefits during periods of temporary road works. The use of different colours can also enhance driver awareness of road boundaries to further increase road safety. And the rumble effect of road studs can also serve to alert drivers of their road position. An example of this is the use of road studs to mark the edge of the highway which can reduce the risk of accidents and reduce damage to the highway edges.

Our road studs installation services and cats eyes installations are available for a range of environments such as;

  • motorways
  • roads
  • slip roads
  • pedestrian crossings
  • car parks
  • parking bays
  • ports
  • airports
  • schools
  • colleges
  • universities
  • supermarkets
  • private customers

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